Are you a Victim of a Bank crime? ?

Has a Bank taken your Home, Business, Farm or other Assets?



    Bank Crimes have affected most Australians.

    Are you a Victim of these Bank Crimes?

    • Predatory Lending.
    • Deceptive financial advice.
    • Home evictions without cause.
    • Theft of customer’s Superannuation.
    • Credit cards interest rates up to 24.5%.
    • Charging for services never performed.
    • Charging dead people for Life Insurance.
    • Charging customers for zombie insurance.
    • Forging customer documents and signatures.
    • Liquidating Farmers & small businesses without cause.
    • Declining insurance claims unfairly to boost Bank profits.

    Ordinary Australians are Victims of Bank Crimes.

    Do you have a Personal Loan, Home Loan, Credit Card Debt, Insurance or Super with a Bank?

    Banks targeted elderly People’s assets.

    Many have lost everything.

    We are fighting for Compensation for 10 Bank victims.

    We need your help to win!!!

    We are Crowd Funding to raise $14,000.

    National Australia Bank forged Spencers income, inflating it by 600%. NAB took everything from Spencer and his wife. He is 79 and has an illness.

    Please help defenceless, elderly Bank victims.


    Ask your Bank for your Loan Application Form and check for FRAUD.

    Paul Herman, My Story with ANZ Bank and NAB Fraud.

    My name is Paul Herman and after an illness in 2011 I was having difficulties making my loan payments to ANZ and NAB. I was advised to get a copy of my loan application forms. I found that ANZ Bank had increased my income by about 400% and reduced my expenses down to a quarter.


    The National Bank said they destroyed my loan application form, even though they are required by law to provide it to me. However they did send me the following chart in which my income was inflated by about 700%.


    My comments in red. See below.

    ANZ forgery

    NAB forgery

    Evidence of Bank Fraud

    Channel Nine, A Current Affair ran a story about an elderly man, Spencer Murray who declared his income as $20,000 when he applied for a loan. NAB put a 1 in front of that to make his income $120,000 (600% increase). After an illness NAB evicted Spencer and his wife from their home and took their assets. Many elderly people are powerless when a Bank liquidates them and takes their life savings.

    Excerpt from NAB loan application form.

    Ask for your home loan application form from your lender and check for fraud.
    Tell us if you find fraud. Your story will help others. You can remain anonymous.


    Evictions without cause


    Charlie Phillott an 87 year old farmer, was evicted by ANZ Bank. He had never been late with a payment. He fought the ANZ Bank and got his farm back, with the help of Alan Jones at 2GB and Channel Nine 60 Minutes.

    Liquidation without cause: small business and investors


    An elderly widow Faye Andrews (pictured) had all of her assets liquidated and was thrown out onto the street by the NAB. She had never been late with a payment.



    Brett Fallon poured petrol over himself and walked into a fire after ANZ Bank evicted him without just cause from his farms and liquidated his assets. He survived with terrible burns.




    Do you need Help?

    Fighting a bank is really tough.

    You may have many problems and questions:

    • Should I get a lawyer?
    • I can’t afford a lawyer?
    • Can I fight a Bank without a lawyer?
    • Will the Ombudsman help me?
    • How did other people win against a bank?
    • Have many been successful?
    • We have been evicted from our home.
    • Can I get my personal items out of the house?
    • They are bankrupting us.
    • We could lose everything.
    • What do we do now? I feel hopeless.
    • My family are devastated.



    Please help us to help others.

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    • Please Share, Comment & Like posts. This is really important. The more people do this the more Facebook will promote our posts. We will pay to boost as well but if you can get these posts out to family and friends it will warn them about Bank fraud and save us money.
    • Do you know Bank victims who need help? You can refer them to us. Banks are ruthless and powerful. Most people don’t know their rights.
    • Would you be willing to be a volunteer? You could help call elderly people or families facing eviction to offer support. It may save a life or a marriage.

    Our latest news

    Video Production and Adaption.

    We are working hard producing our own videos; some funny, some serious. (You can do it too; it is easy.) Some we have taken from other media outlets and from the Banks and adapted them to send a message to Australians about Bank crime. Some videos are unedited. We have collected the best which you can watch here or on our YouTube channel.

    Lobbying Politicians

    I strongly recommend that you go to political meetings and talk to politicians about Bank crimes. You can visit your local politicians in their offices. Always get a photo with the politician and stick it on Facebook. More than 100 Bank victims went to Parliament House Canberra and lobbied Politicians in August 2018 and have continued to do so. We are starting to have an impact.


    We Support Bank Victims to tell their stories in the media. We must expose the ruthless, criminal behavior of Banks, their Liquidators and lawyers. Many Bank Victims feel ashamed. They worry about what friends and family will think. However, the media can get the message out for us and warn Australians about Bank Crimes. Unfortunately to get media attention sometimes we might have to resort to stunts but it is worth it to get the message out. With prolonged media attention some victims have been compensated. You have to hurt bank enough so that they will negotiate on just terms.

    Protests – Bank Branches, Parliament & Royal Commission.

    Protest is an internationally guaranteed right. Protest is very powerful. It gets media attention which gives us an opportunity to educate people about Bank crimes. The police coordinate with us to make sure that public safety is assured.

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