What can you do to fight a Bank?

Banks liquidate customers routinely every day. How are you going to win against an experienced and wealthy corporation?

You need to adopt guerrilla warfare tactics or you could lose everything.

Here are some ideas. Pick what best suits you.


    • Lodge a complaint with the Bank. They may well fob you off but it’s the first step.
    • Talk to a financial advisor. Some of them may advocate for you if you are in hardship.
    • Lodge complaints with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). They may help you get information but AFCA is corrupt and biased to the banks so you may not get a favourable outcome. However AFCA complaints are great as a delaying tactic.
    • Ask for compensation in writing; be specific and detail your losses. There are a few good advocates and mediators that will help you cheaper than lawyers. There are a couple of sharks also. Make sure you get referrals from other victims.
    • Get on Leon Ashby’s mailing list for progress on bank compensation and other actions against the Banks.
    • Tell your story in a short video and post to Facebook. Tell your story in one page.
    • Download media videos about other victims. Add transcripts of what was reported and promote these videos.
    • Protest outside a Bank branch. Tell your story, hand out your 1 page and ask for donations from the public. Always act within the law. Don’t cross the line into violence or destruction to property. Maintain the moral high ground.
    • Talk to your local Member / Senator. Protest outside your local politician’s office if they do nothing.
    • Go to the media. Keep it simple for them. You need to write a simple easy to understand press release and ring them and talk to them.
    • The Bank strategy is: Deny, Lie, Bleed them Dry and hope they Die. Be persistent. Fight hard. The fight can last a decade or more.
    • If you get a lawyer and fight the Bank in court, beware, the banks can often manipulate victims lawyers to betray the client (you). It has been said that the courts are a weapon the Banks use against customers. The Bank may well fry you slowly.
    • If you fight a bank in court you are at the mercy of a corrupt legal system and clever bank lawyers. The Courts are the banks preferred battle ground. There are many horror stories and little justice. Many people have lost everything and many years of their lives.
    • Banks and their lawyers use very aggressive tactics. Read The Art of War by Sun Tsu (to learn strategy) and Fight like a Girl by Clementine Ford (to learn how to be ruthless). You can listen to both of these on YouTube. Adapt these tactics for you situation. (There are lots of other books I can recommend.)
    • Don’t take abuse from Bank lawyers. If they treat you badly lodge complaints internally, and to the law society. Then protest outside the Lawyer’s office. This will cause them great embarrassment.
    • You may have to hurt the Bank to get them to take notice of you. Damaging their reputation costs them business. You may have to do this repeatedly. Don’t give up after one go.
    • Make them offers to settle. Be realistic. You may not get tens of $millions even though you deserve it. Get a good settlement that allows you to move on.
    • Be kind to yourself and your family. Practice self compassion (YouTube Kristin Neff self compassion). You can’t win if you are not strong.

You may have to hurt the bank to get them to take notice of you.

Damaging their reputation costs them business. You have to do this repeatedly. Don’t give up after one go.

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Don’t pussy foot around with a Bank. They are ruthless and they are quite happy to destroy you, your family and your assets. Get even outside your local branch. Protest action can cost them $millions in bad publicity. It could shame your bank into paying you compensation. No use sitting at home all bitter and resentful. Take positive action to get vengeance for the crimes committed against you.

Paul Herman

Contact us at if you need help or need a negotiator to talk to your Bank.



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