Submission to Royal Commission

Submission to Royal Commission


Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.


I wish to make further submissions about issues addressed in the Interim Report and some issues that were not addressed that I believe should be addressed before the Final Report is completed. I have posed a series of questions and recommendations about areas of concern.


  1. There is a history of banking crisis in Australia and around the world and they have devastating impacts on economies. They occur regularly every few decades following pressure from the Banks to deregulate. Will the Royal Commission (RC) address this reoccurring problem with cyclical criminal behaviour in the banks and make recommendation about how we can stop this recurring problem?


  1. Will the RC report on why there is such poor risk management by the board of directors at the banks? The Banks are suffering huge share price falls as extensive wrong doing is exposed with associated compensation claims.


  1. Banks have infiltrated and corrupted regulators and organisations such as ASIC, APRA, RBA, the legal and justice, system and political parties. Will the RC recommend ways that this corrupting influence can be countered?

  3. Many large Law firms have facilitated Bank crimes. Will the RC recommend ways that lawyers can be brought to account for this behaviour?

  5. Will the RC investigate ASIC, FOS, COSL, APRA, RBA and the Government where they have covered up criminal activity by banks? Will the RC recommend criminal charges where this has occurred? My personal experience is that:


I lodged a complaint with the now Prime Minister complaining that ANZ Bank was refusing to investigate my evidence of fraud. I got a fob off letter. Is this not aiding and abetting a serious crime?


I also put in a submission to the RC where FOS claimed I failed to demonstrate fraud when I had  successfully done so. Is this not aiding and abetting a serious crime?


I lodged a complaint about ANZ Bank to ASIC. ASIC responded with intimidatory tactics to try to get me to stop pursuing my complaint. They wanted to investigate me. I will attach the transcripts of the conversations which I taped. I would be happy to supply the audios.



  1. Criminologist Denise Brailey from (BFCSA) Banking & Finance Consumers Support Association has been working on bank misconduct for nearly 20 years. She has given evidence to many government enquiries. Will the RC be calling her as a witness? I think it is essential that the RC does so. Here is a link to a lecture she gave entitled: Bombshell! Denise Brailey on the mortgage fraud that will smash Australia’s financial system!



  1. The Senate passed a motion in August to extend the Royal Commission. With minority Government, it is more likely now that the lower house will pass a vote for an extension. Labor is likely to win the next election and will extend the RC. I submit that RC heed the will of the people and request an extension of the RC to thoroughly investigate the banking industry.



Yours sincerely,

Paul Herman