Liar Loans affect millions of Australians.

Did your Bank Forge your Income? Your Assets? Your Liabilities? Your Signature?

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Investigate Fraud by Banks

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NAB Evicted Spencer from his Home. Many elderly people like Spencer, were targeted by banks.

National Australia Bank forgery on Spencer's Loan Application Form.

Liar Loans affect millions of Australians.


Liar Loans are where the Bank, fraudulently alters your income, liabilities, expenses and may even forge your signature.

According to UBS research about 75% of people have had their expenses understated by the Banks.  

(The chart below only represents income falsification.)

Fraud invalidates your Loan Contract.

Ask your Bank for a copy of your Loan Application Form and check for Fraud.

Ask for all computer records and documents associated with the loan approval.

If the bank refuses, lodge a complain with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). 

Ask your Bank for a copy of your Loan Application Form and check for Fraud.

Investigate Liar Loans and fraud by Banks.


Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese, Barnaby Joyce, Adam Bandt , Pauline Hanson

Why has ASIC not investigated the 1200 fraudulently altered loan application forms lodged with the Senate enquiry into White Collar Crime?

 Why did the Royal Commission barely look at Liar Loans? 

These loans are packaged and sold as AAA rated investments to pension funds etc.

This is the behaviour that caused the Global Financial Crisis in 2007.

Either ASIC or a Senate committee should investigate.


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