Paul Herman, My Story with ANZ Bank and NAB Fraud.

My name is Paul Herman and after an illness in 2011 I was having difficulties making my loan payments to ANZ and NAB. I was advised to get a copy of my loan application forms. I found that ANZ Bank had increased my income by about 400% and reduced my expenses down to a quarter.


The National Bank said they destroyed my loan application form, even though they are required by law to provide it to me. However they did send me the following chart in which my income was inflated by about 700%.


My comments in red. See below.

ANZ forgery

NAB forgery

Evidence of Bank Fraud

Channel Nine, A Current Affair ran a story about an elderly man, Spencer Murray who declared his income as $20,000 when he applied for a loan. NAB put a 1 in front of that to make his income $120,000 (600% increase). After an illness NAB evicted Spencer and his wife from their home and took their assets. Many elderly people are powerless when a Bank liquidates them and takes their life savings.

Excerpt from NAB loan application form.

Ask for your home loan application form from your lender and check for fraud.
Tell us if you find fraud. Your story will help others. You can remain anonymous.

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