Do you need Help?

Fighting a bank is really tough.

You may have many problems and questions:

  • Should I get a lawyer?
  • I can’t afford a lawyer?
  • Can I fight a Bank without a lawyer?
  • Will the Ombudsman help me?
  • How did other people win against a bank?
  • Have many been successful?
  • We have been evicted from our home.
  • Can I get my personal items out of the house?
  • They are bankrupting us.
  • We could lose everything.
  • What do we do now? I feel hopeless.
  • My family are devastated.



Please help us to help others.

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  • Do you know Bank victims who need help? You can refer them to us. Banks are ruthless and powerful. Most people don’t know their rights.
  • Would you be willing to be a volunteer? You could help call elderly people or families facing eviction to offer support. It may save a life or a marriage.
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